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                內里皮 | Sheepskin lining

                Shoe Lining 鞋里皮

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                With the well-ironed and silky wool, HP’s shoe lining keep you cozy and snug in the winter. At the same time, the extremely soft and light pelt helps to make your long boot in the lightest way.

                Specification: for Australian and Americian skins
                Code Size Wool Length
                FMLC 7.5sqft and up 4-17MM
                Specification for Spanish skins
                FMLC 6sqft and up 5-10MM

                如果你想了解“Shoe Lining 鞋里皮”小常識,請點擊網址http://www.xie668.com/sheepskin/lining/Shoe_Lining_xielipi_710.html了解“Shoe Lining 鞋里皮”的相關信息。

                河南丁九皮毛制品有限公司 專業從事澳毛羊皮生產30年




                Henan Dingjiu Leather products Co. Ltd is a professional engaged in the wool sheepskin production for 30 years

                Is China's professional sheep shearing product design, development, processing and marketing enterprises, the company has independent import and export rights

                Ding Jiu company provides a variety of styles, new style of wool products, including shoes, clothing, household goods, automotive interior, cleaning supplies

                And so on several major categories of hundreds of varieties, of which more than 90% of the export to the international market, the main exports of the United

                States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, Hongkong, Taiwan, Russia, etc..

                . . .

                聯系方式:dingjiu#dingjiu.cn 電話/傳真:0391-8593862 地址:河南省孟州市桑坡商貿東大道十一號
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                郵箱:dingjiu#dingjiu.cn 電話:0391-8593862 地址:河南省孟州市桑坡商貿東大道十一號 網站地圖 網站地圖

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